Used Purple Bale Arm Crates and Bale Arm Trays - Purple Containers Crates
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    Used Bale Arm Trays - Purple

Used Bale Arm Crates ¦ Used Bale Arm Trays ¦ Used Bale Arm Containers

Reco : Used Bale Arm Crates Are ready now for distribution throughout the UK

Purple - Used Bale Arm Crates & Bale Arm Trays

  • Used Purple Bale Arm Crates, Trays, Containers
  • Stock Code : Bale Arm Crate Purple
  • Dimensions: 600 x 400 x 200mm
  • Stackable Bale Arm Crates
  • Perfect for food industries
  • Various Colours Available


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